Is your company being exploited?

In 1999 an article was published in the St. Petersburg Times of Florida, stating that has “about 60,000 people a year pay an average of $130 [each] to mount their laminated moments in the spotlight”. This creates a massive amount of revenue off of YOUR product. In The News, which was 13 years old at the time, had annual sales “at more than 8 million dollars.” Today the company makes millions more.
According to the same article, this company “
has turned ego massage into a lucrative enterprise…The salespeople track down the subjects [of articles] and call with congratulations and an offer to plant their evidence of celebrity on laminated birch wood.” This company is selling YOUR product to YOUR customer and taking YOUR money.

Let PopMount help you take control of the money that should be yours by providing less expensive modern plaques for your customers.

Portraits of Power

Portraits of Power
Great Idea: Portraits of Power as seen in Distinction Magazine
The Virginia Pilot sent PopMount this article from their luxury niche publication, Distinction Magazine, which was designed to “showcase exceptional local quality” by featuring people, places and experiences highlighted by beautiful photography.

PopMount provides a distinctive keepsake for those being featured to purchase and proudly display their accomplishments for years to come.

Great Idea: The Day Your Were Born

Recently, The Record, in San Joaquin, California, sent us this beautiful birthday keepsake to produce for their customer.They showed the baby's birthday, weight, size and parents' names. Also included was the front page, horoscope for the day, weather and "at the movies". We loved the pink background with the white edge. Nice touch.



Great Idea: Top 40 Keepsake

We think this is a great idea from Style Weekly,
and a treasured keepsake for the Top 40 recipient. 
Who would not want to display good news?
And the you - the publisher - makes money selling it to them. 

top40

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