Sell archival keepsakes of your news and announcements and start making more money now.

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Here's how it works:

bundled sales: package a keepsake with paid announcements.
{50 per day, $25 margin on obits, in memoriam, wedding, anniversary, birthday, promotions}

+ $195,000
elective sales: offer people in the news the opportunity to purchase their story.
{25 per day, $30 margin on editorials, advertorials, reviews, sports, best of human interest, advertising and more}

= $520,000
take this to the bank

We work the way you do, choose a system that works for you.

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Bundled Sale > The best way to increase your revenue dramatically. Include a keepsake plaque with each announcement purchased. We take your announcements and turn them into archival treasured keepsake that ship ready to hang. You make additional revenue. Your customer gets something tangible for the money they spend. Many re-order for family and friends.

BEST PRACTICE: call us, we will give you free samples, templates and database files so you can integrate them into your system. Once you are set up it works with very little effort from you.

What is a modern plaque?
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White Label Customer Order System > Your brand, product, photos, and pricing with our shopping cart. Completely hands free. We create and manage your white label site. Your customers order their special day in the news and we do all the work. Order confirmations are sent in real time, fulfilled and a check sent to you monthly.

BEST PRACTICE: Make your readers aware that they can purchase their day in the news. Advertise online and in your newspaper.

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Historic News Keepsake Store > There is news that many people want to remember. Big wins, historic events, college sports and more. They want to buy it, we will help you sell it to them.

BEST PRACTICE: Create a link online that will bring your customer to a store where they can order the story as it unfolds. Or advertise the product in your newspaper. We will ship an archival print, mounted to a modern plaque ready to display. You set the price, we do the rest.

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Newspaper Online Order System > You take the orders, manage the customer service and upload the order information to us. We will manufacture a custom made keepsake, ship it to your customer and bill you weekly. You can send us print ready files or tell us what articles your customer would like to display and we will do the rest.

BEST PRACTICE: Use your call center to make outbound calls to featured members of the community that would like to own their good news. If you don't act, there is a company that will make money off your products and your customers. (A true story)

Call us for the order entry password @
(804) 232-4999
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Sell "Best of" Awards > People want to display their good news. We think you should sell it to them. Your make additional revenue. They will display their achievement and you brand for years to come.

BEST PRACTICE: Make the recipients aware that they can purchase an archival ready to hang award. Many companies will order for all their locations.

If you do not sell your news to your customers, there are companies that will. They sell your customers a substandard product and make the money you should be making.
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Self-Service Custom Keepsake Store > Your customers can use their photos and text with our professionally designed templates to create a greeting card, print, modern plaque, stretched canvas print or framed print.

BEST PRACTICE: Create a link for your customers to access the self-service create your own keepsake store. We will do everything else. Manage the store, create the products, fulfill and mail you a check monthly.

These are just a few of the ways we can help improve your bottom line. CALL US TODAY (804) 232-4999 and start making money tomorrow.

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